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The cross device shopping experience

A new shopping experience

The way the web is used continues to change, as are the purchasing habits of users, who are increasingly looking for a complete, personalized and engaging shopping experience..

recently published study  of more than 200 million shoppers located around the world describes the new trends in online shopping. One of the aspects that deserves a closer look concerns the change in the panorama of web use. More and more users engage in e-commerce from mobile devices: 94% of respondents visit an online mobile shop to find out about a product / service before buying, 74% of respondents add a product to the shopping cart, while 47% complete the order (against 53% ordering from a desktop device).
The general trend is that of an increasing number of users who purchase on the move, to keep up with the times, it is important to make sure that there are no elements blocking the purchase process, whatever device you are using. The barriers dictated by the technologies used are no longer justified: the shopping experience for a user should always be the same, whatever the device adopted. Better yet: the device from which the content is used must be imperceptible.

Therefore, retailers are increasingly required to identify the needs of users, who access their content in the most varied moments: they visit a site while on the train, in the waiting room of an airport or at the doctor’s, during a break from work or in the queue at the supermarket. Immediacy in finding information and the possibility of finding that same content on other devices, determine today the success of e-commerce. For example, users expect to be able to find at home, on their desktop device, the same product they saw on their smartphone in the morning, while travelling by train.

Marketing departments now have marketing automation technologies available that make it possible to trace the entire route on a site by a customer, through all the devices used by the same user. In this way it is possible to propose to the same person content related to their interests, either through suggestions of products on the site, or via retargeting actions through the proposition of advertising banners during navigation.
We support our clients in doing this: we identify the tools that are appropriate to them, and configure them to improve their #ecommerceexperience. Contact us to learn more.

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