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Work, passion and innovation

We Think, Create, Improve and manage your ecommerce experience

Continuous improvement is our unique destination.

ReThink is an innovative system for the Brand evolution in the digital age.

It was born due to the awareness of the need for the continuous improvement for any Brand that adjusts to the market and consumers rapidly, from the point of view of the consumption habits and customer expectations.

This awareness leads to projects based on the data collection and analysis to improve your brand’s online perception, digital channels turnover and clients’ satisfaction.

ReThink has been made possible thanks to Eurostep multidisciplinary teams and based on the Lean / Kaizen philosophy.

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Business intelligence

Brand Experience Innovation
_Data Driven CX/UX
_Design, Creativity & Content Creation

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Unified Commerce

Innovative Commerce Technology
_Digital Commerce

Omnichannel Enablement
_Single Customer View
_Omnichannel Retail Experience

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Growth Marketing

_Data Analytics + Insights
_Digital Marketing

AI & Machine Learning
_Real Time Marketing Automation
_Multichannel Marketing Orchestration

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Ecommerce Management

Sell Global
_Global Operations, Logistic & Shipment
_Internationalization Accelerator

Managed Outsourcing Services
_Dedicated Ecommerce Store Management
_Multichannel Customer Care

Accounting, Finance & Legal
_Worldwide Cash Collecting and Invoicing
_Legal Advisory for Online Sales

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the way to improve your business

ReThink identifies the strengths of your brand on the digital channels, mapping your route to the improvement of your online brand perception, economic performance and customer satisfaction.

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We are always looking for new opportunities that inspire and challenge us to create great work. Tell us your story, we’re here for you!