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A story to tell



Nomination is a leader in the field of silver and gold jewelry and continues its communicative mission by proposing new lines and collections that express the company values and embody the excellence of made in Italy and Italian quality.


With the support of the brand marketing team, we have established a strategy aligned with the ambition of the brand and the wishes of the public for redesign ecommerce. A path that brought the brand to communicate with a new audience, feeding the growth of the channel and proposing an experience of omnichannel purchase.

Our role

UX architecture & flow
UI and creative concept
Art direction
Frontend and Backend development
System integration
User test
Support & Maintenance


After going live, there has been a 35 % increase of the annual turnover. The new user experience, redesigned with mobile first approach, has increased the traffic from a smartphone by 30%, allowing the product customization from the mobile device as well. Adding the engraving service to the online channel has brought excellent results, improving the service offered to the customers.

Trend Revenue YOY
Worldwide commerce trade
YOY mobile sessions increase
the project

Solution: what we have done

Each Nomination piece has a story to tell: we have created a channel where editorial content, brand campaigns and product stories come together, by involving the public through the personalization of product and the improvement of the Customer Experience. Thus, there has been created an ecommerce in which customers can connect with the content they are interested in and purchase products that add value to their lives. Focusing on the users cultural insights and behavior, we have created a structure that brings the brand to its public in an experiential and immersive way.

A brand oriented project

nomination brand banner
nomination brand banner m
costumer journey

Contextual Navigation

Starting from the reference target, the purchasing decisions and opportunities have been identified. And the ecommerce with a guided navigation, allowing the user to choose from catalog of more than 10,000 products, has been structured.

One goal: simplify!

nomination - ux flow navigation eng
nomination - the bracelet configurator

the configurator

Composable jewellery is the jewellery that tells the story of people who create it: a relationship, an event, a life memory. A story that expresses affection and what you are feeling in every moment.

With its help the customer can create a fully customized bracelet, choosing from a wide range of links and deciding on the incisions to add.

Personalize product & experience


product presentation

The presentation of the product to the user is a crucial factor in the purchase decision:
products shooting and texts should reflect the brand’s identity and increase the product value. For this reason the artistic direction of the photographic shooting service and creation of SEO friendly texts has been planned and coordinated.

nomination italia content strategy product presentation
nomination italia content strategy campaign

nomination italia social olapic user generated contents

User generated content

“UGC inspire confidence and create value for the company and for customers”

The contents generated spontaneously by users (UGC User Generated Content) have become a synonym of product quality and value. An image is worth a thousand words and the integration of these contents has been a strategic choice for Nomination. The UGCs involve and bring the user closer to the brand, strengthening your social media presence.

Time to Market

With the aim of personalizing products and the brand in 19 countries, we have created a dedicated view for each market. This allows each market to interact e modify the contents of the site, differentiating communication per market in 6 languages.

nomination italia logistic hubs

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