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illy, the leading Italian brand in the coffee world , today is marketed in 140 countries, on 5 continents. Serving over 6 million cups a day oll over the world , Eurostep was entrusted with implementation and start-up the Oracle Marketing Cloud Solution for the Emea market.

Our role

Oracle Marketing Cloud onboard process
Technical consulting startup
Email deliverability plan and consulting
Rapid Retargeter Onboarding consulting
Campaigns management
Training and support


At the end of the project, the first results count over 4 million communications sent per month, a very high delivery rate and a ‘ sender reputation’ of the sending domain with a score reached of 99 out of 100 Templates have been developed with dynamic functionality content, which fully personalize the user experience for different country of the online shop. Through a training course of the illy team, the company is now autonomous in the management of all the sending equipment mail, with a single tool for all corporate communications and product.

delivered rate
Sender Reputation
millions of emails per month

Solution: what we have done

We have planed the strategic implementation, started up and the implementation of the new enterprise software, improving current Direct email marketing activities.

The new tool Oracle for the orchestration of digital touchpoints allows illy to create and manage Optimized direct Email Marketing to ensure the increase of online business, a greater fidelity and a delivery of dinamic and personalized communication.

To date, after a certain training period, the whole process is managed in total autonomy by the team dedicated to illy ,with the constant Eurostep support for continuous customer journeys optimization.

Partnership, training & support

illy responsys
illy database info


Where business starts:
database optimization

Thanks to the constant synchronization activation between the data of the CRM and the platform, it was possible to create an ad-hoc segment, based on preferences and behaviour users.

In addition, new paths have been defined and optimized for Oracle Responsys: main costant list plus the various “profile extension tables” for a quick customization content.


How much is
your reputation worth?

Having into consideration a large number of contacts into the Illy database we have dedicated particular attention to the Warm Up phase for a new sending domain.

From initial configuration to contact selection, each step has been managed with the aim of maximizing IP reputation, avoiding spam.

illy warm up plan email marketing


Data arrangement

IP reputation


Illy - personalizzazione contenuti
Illy - personalizzazione contenuti
illy audience segmentation

Communication by audience

The right content for the right person: this is the purpose of the process of creating the audience that has been built for the project illy.

It has been managed and coordinated with the utmost simplicity, thanks to the help of templates with functionality of customization of content based on available data.

You have also been enabled to complete campaigns with custom parameters for: user behavior, preferences, language, URLs, images and custom texts.


Satisfy your customers

Thanks to the study of dedicated flows, each user is addressed along the customer journey that suits him, based on events captured in real time and fully automated, to ensure the best possible experience.

The programs are fully customizable, from simple to / B testing the most complex flows, which accompany the consumer for several weeks, through various touchpoints.

We have designed several journeys of marketing automation based on the needs of illy, and we continue to support the creation of more and more varied and articulated flows.

Illy - marketing automation
Illy - integrazione canali

One tool, countless possibilities

When the project is completed, illy can count on a single tool for sending all corporate and product emails, with a more organized and linear workflow.

In addition, together with illy’s marketing team, a project to rewrite new customer journey digital touchpoints to generate cross-channel automation flows, making the most of the opportunities that the different channels technology is making us available today.

Let’s make something together!

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