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Fedon represents about 100 years of leather goods made in Italy and stands out for hand-made product with minimal design and use of precious materials.

Eurostep has been selected as a partner for the design and implementation of e-commerce site that reflects and transmit identity and brand values.

Our role

Digital strategy
Customer experience & Design
Content strategy and Development
Ecommerce platform Development and Integrations
Gestione Full outsourcing


Thanks to the mobile first design, with the objective to involve an increasingly connected audience from smartphones, important results have been obtained in terms of user experience and digital marketing. The number of conversions from mobile, as well as the conversion rate, increased significantly to follow-up to the launch of the new ecommerce. The new architecture has also brought benefits to level of navigation and user experience, with an increase of the average time on the page and one decrease of the total bounce rate from all the devices.

mobile conversion
conversion rate mobile
time on page

Solution: what we have done

Fedon’s goal is to find a position on the market, working on both: the brand and the product. In this perspective, we have created an ecommerce website in line with the new strategy, structuring content that meet the needs of the identified target audience. The shop must express positioning, personality and brand values, guaranteeing a customer a easy, intuitive experience and elevating the product through consistent contents. All this for us it’s manifesting in strategic analysis, development, care for details and improvement of the service offered to the final consumer.

A new ecommerce brand experience


Thinking strategically,
achieving goals

With the aim of supporting and facilitating Fedon in this phase of change, we have created a new brand experience. To do this we started from the analysis of key factors such as target audience, the benchmarks and reference markets. Based on the study of these fundamental elements, we have also defined the marketing strategy.

Innovation and growth

Catalog architecture & customer experience

Easier navigation,
faster engagement

The analysis of the main keywords allowed the improvement of products categorization, realizing a filler that would allow the customer a faster completing of the research within the catalog. The product page has been set based on product strategy and new contents in order to highlight the most useful and interesting elements, without losing the integrity of the information.


Fedon confide on Eurostep also for the definition of digital content that can help to express better the new brand identity. Thanks to a stylistic consultation for the production of images, the new ecommerce is enriched with detailed photos, useful to improve the presentation of the product. Eurostep completes the activity of content strategy with the drafting of product texts in optical SEO and the editing of catalog translations in 4 other languages.

Your product is
the key player


We give value also to
your appearance

The repositioning of the brand also passes through a review of the packaging, able to communicate in a simple but effective way the new brand values. In this way, Fedon entrusts Eurostep with the design of the new packaging through which to go recognizable in the eyes of the final customer. Packaging design is another tool that strengthens the premium positioning of the brand and allows an increasingly loyal relationship with the consumer.

A full outsourcing solution


Storage items. Order preparation with personalized packaging. Return Management. Shipment in EMEA.

Digital Marketing

Planning and definition Media Plan Strategy and management Adv performance campaigns. Editorial planning newsletter and management of mailmarketing platform.


Monitoring services and alert activities. Patch updates system and minor platform release. Security issues.

Customer Service

1st and 2nd level activities, in 2 languages (ITA/EN), managed by dedicated telephone number, ticket system and web chat. Management returns and refunds. Supervision logistics and Delivery activities and resolution of blocking activity.

Store Management

Merchandise management, catalogue and promotional activities. Logistic backlog check. Order check. Verify achievement of business goals.


Tax management and invoicing of international sales differentiated by country and currency, with adjustment to local regulations in force. Periodic administrative reporting for all reference areas.

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