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De Agostini


The giant De Agostini is one of the most famous and important publishing houses in Italy and in the world: it operates in about thirty countries in the world, in thirteen different languages.

Eurostep led the company to his digital transformation, thanks to the development of a new centralized and easily adaptable infrastructure.

Our role

Full Ecommerce services set-up
Marketing Orchestration Configuration
Support on Integration Cloud implementation


De Agostini can now count on a highly engineered digital infrastructure, with an efficient and scalable ecommerce engine at the center. It has also simplified the management complexity, notably reducing the time to market of the various collections in the various markets of reference. All assisted by a new collection and management system data that allows you to get to the single customer view, ensuring maximum optimization in marketing terms.

increase in mobile orders
faster time to market

Solution: what we have done

De Agostini - processo di centralizzazione

Driving success through digital transformation

The extreme fragmentation of the IT infrastructure company had led over time to the development of numerous dedicated mini-portals, making the management very elaborated. On the based on digitalization process, each of the involved components was put into contact with the others, ensuring a centralized management of the information. Eurostep therefore fulfilled a fundamental role in this scenario, applying his experience to ensure the correct implementation of this digital transformation.


Know better your customers

De Agostini’s new digital structure have at the center the CRM, able to collect data from all the customers and distribute them for optimal marketing purposes performance.

De Agostini - crm data optimization
de agostini mobile
de agostini mobile device 2
De Agostini - ecommerce templates

Easy management

Eurostep has therefore implemented the ecommerce solution, allowing De Agostini team an independent management, thanks to automated integration flows, configurable and declinable templates based on the various products to launch.


Single Customer View

The entire user data management is centralized into a single system guaranteeing a single customer view, that offers the company a complete and univocal overview of its users.

single customer view

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