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Omnichannel customer journey

Today’s customers, especially as a result of contacts growing over time with small pieces of information shared, expect a brand to build a meaningful, long-term relationships with them.

To adopted a customercentric approach to marketing strategy, marketing managers should make full use of the data collected through various touch-points and implement the “three Rs”: “The Right message to the Right customer at the Right time”.

Therefore, it is important to consider what your customers are doing at each step.

What is a “Customer Journey”?

A customer journey is a direct interaction a customer has with a company or brand. Every journey is unique, so are the needs of every single person.

Omnichannel customer journey instead is customer interactions across multiple channels and touchpoints throughout every stage of the customer lifecycle.

Why map a customer journey?

Customer journey analysis through the eyes of the customer allows companies to improve the consumer experience and understand their competitive advantage.

The main objective of an information system is mainly to monitor company information, but the customer’s purchase cycle begins long before the visit to an ecommerce and the customers support continues after the check-out and payment. Although well equipped with IT systems, the companies that are unable to manage the entire purchase cycle can hardly meet customer expectations.

Virtualization of the scenario of the internal and external contact points of the company and the customer can be visualized in the customer journey maps.

Customer journey mappings are a common approach used to design customer-centric processes in omnichannel strategies.

A complete customer journey mapping highlights each contact point, described according to the customers’ perspective, using their language and, if possible, considering such emotional aspects as how the client experienced the journey and  how it evolved.

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