Integrated Marketing


Based on our clients’ Vision and Goals we share opportunities and through Marketing Funnel we maximize the economic benefits of using digital technologies.

By developing targeted Business Plans, we implement strategies for an optimal return on investments, with the aim of improving sales performance and brand awareness, Media Plan, target definition and Omnichannel Synergic Integration.ichannel.


The data, real assets and resources of any company, are often overlooked or underestimated: they are the starting point for every action and decision, but in order to be exploited to their fullest, a balance is needed between technological solutions and human capital.

The solutions we offer allow you to develop retroactive, live, and predictive analyses with a focus on the merging of multichannel data (Merge of Online, Offline, Mobile and Crm Data).


To be found at the right time: simply put, this is the ultimate goal in the world of search, both with regard to organic (SEO) and paid (SEM - SEA) aspects. Engaging with competitors, coming out top in searches and protecting the brand are just some of our goals.


Client-tailoredadv is the key to effective data-driven digital advertising. We use proprietary data (1st party data), though not exclusively (2nd – 3rd party data), to optimize our buying, and we develop Pre-targeting, Programmatic Buying and Dynamic Retargeting strategies.


We automate On & Off Site multichannel marketing processes, customer data integration, and campaign management through CRM and Data Management Platform solutions in order to activate Marketing Automation solutions to increase revenue and to reduce acquisition costs at the same time.


We help companies express the value of their brand, focusing on brand equity and awareness to achieve proper market positioning and a solid relationship with the consumer.

We handle online communities that are related to the brand, products or services for creating original, empathetic, and engaging content; as well as organizing and managing all the information needed for the planning, development and control of: Media Relations, Special Events, Influencer Programs, Blogger Networks, Product Launches.