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Google shopping feed: latest updates

Things are changing at Google

The trend is to provide customers with increasingly detailed and secure information regarding products, and above all to guarantee the most reliable comparison gauges.
A first slot of changes was made in June 2015, while other significant changes are expected by 15 September.
With the new updates that are about to come into force, a user looking for a product on Google should have immediately, at first glance and without too great a margin of error, all the information necessary to be able to select a product that is suitable for them, especially in relation to the most affordable pricing.

To do so, companies that decide to promote their products through the Google Shopping channel are required to complete some additional measures when listing their products. First of all, it will be mandatory to associate the correct GTIN codes (Global Trade Item Number) (Global Trade Item Number) with the relevant products, in order to make them easily identifiable and comparable. Secondly, Google has introduced new product categorization rules: increasing emphasis will be given to the taxonomies defined by Google (also associated with products via the id, whereas now the exact name of the category must be indicated), while the categorization originating from the various e-shops will now be of secondary relevance.

Moreover, starting in February 2016, for countries such as Italy, Switzerland, the Czech Republic and Spain, it will become mandatory to include shipping information, in order to provide users with this information as well.

Will your products pass the test on September 15th 2015?
Read here for more info.

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