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Funnel Marketing: analysis and strategy to turn customers into repeat customers

While in the US the average conversion rate for an ecommerce site, that is the percentage of visitors that complete the purchase order,  is around 2 – 3% (Source: SmartInsights) the conversion rate in Italy is only 1.6 %. (Source: Osservatorio eCommerce B2c Netcomm).

In an ideal world, generating business from new or already acquired customers would work like clockwork: customers visit your website, find the products they like, add them to their shopping cart and complete the purchase with no hesitation.

But in reality most visitors will leave your site without doing so.

The conversion funnel of an ecommerce site, on a total of 100% of sessions, in the US sees:

  • 43.8% of sessions with Product Views
  • 14.5% of sessions with Add to cart
  • 3.3% of sessions with a Transactions.

In Italy, 43.9% of visitors leave the page a few seconds after accessing it (bounce rate) and 42.8% leave the website while browsing and searching for the product (research abandonment rate). In the next phase, that of check-out, 11.7% of users abandon the shopping cart without completing the purchase (cart abandonment rate).

However, thanks to simple changes to the strategy adopted on your website, it is possible to increase the conversion rate.

The main reasons for abandoning the cart during the checkout

When a user goes through the first steps of the funnel and reaches the cart, it is essential to support him in completing the last step.
The main reasons for discontent and abandonment of the purchase in the final phase are:

  • shipping costs, taxes, high extra costs;
  • the site registration only  with creating an account;
  • slow and complicated check-out procedure;
  • impossibility to see or calculate the total cost;
  • website errors;
  • lack of confidence in the site and reluctance to provide credit card information;
  • long delivery times;
  • unsatisfactory returns policy;
  • very few alternative payment options;
  • credit card rejection.

How to increase the conversion rate of your ecommerce

Here is a list of suggestions to increase the conversion rate of your ecommerce:

  • persuasive design and contents;
  • simple and easy navigation, UX compliant;
  • presence in all social channels suitable for brand promotion, creating attention to your product or service (Facebook Advertising, guest posting, sharing);
  • using scarcity, urgency and exclusivity to your advantage;
  • offering more discount option;
  • implementing upsells, cross-sells and downsells;
  • setting up a permanent shopping cart: numerous studies show that ecommerce customers use several devices during the journey to the conversion: it is necessary to provide a shopping cart that stores all the sessions in order to simplify the purchase  process, so that your customers are able to restart exactly where they left whether it’s been a couple of hours, days or even weeks later;
  • showing the progress of the order to your visitor: if the verification process takes too much time or is too complicated, to shorten or simplify the checkout procedure;
  • allowing a guest checkout;
  • offering more payment and delivery options.
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