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Omnichannel Suite

Developed by Eurostep, EMMA is a modular suite, integrated with Business Intelligence and Single Customer View, that allows enabling omnichannel processes.

One single tool to manage and monitor your communication channels/social media channels:

Watch the demo:

Single Customer View

Tracks all customers’ sales processes and records their history through every channel.


Centralizes omnichannel sales operations in a unique API first platform.

BI & Report

Analyzes data and statistics in real time to implement the best ecommerce strategies.


Integrates multi-inventory and multi-location information for the warehouse and physical stores.


Generates tax documents with multi-country formulas, connects to any ERP software and finalizes the financial report.

Product Information Management

Organizes catalogue contents and integrates the information on the main marketplaces via custom data feed.

Watch the demo:

EMMA allows you to customize a dashboard of stable and scalable management avoiding high costs and long integration times.