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Ecommerce Management

After project go live we continue our relationship with the client always using a Customer Centric approach. Our goal is always to optimize your ecommerce experience.

store management
customer care
Cash Collecting, Billing & Invoicing
order management

Store Management

Coordinating the management of the store, there is a Store Manager assigned to each project. Through a continuous communication with the customer, the Store manager develops a strategy to achieve business goals. The launch of the product in various channels is organized via the editorial plan based on sales data and local opportunities for each country. The Store Manager, ensuring the smooth running of the store operations and the satisfaction of the final customers, is the single point of contact for all the project partners.

We offer a special Retail Intelligence service to discover new sales opportunities through market penetration and optimizing your merchandise strategy through product promotion, reassortment strategy, product and brand placement, digital marketing projects.

Eshop Merchandise

Catalog Management

Promo Plan

KPI Monitoring

Test Funnel

Business Intelligence

Customer Care

Eurostep staffs a dedicated in-house multi-language and multi-channel customer service team, that offers a first support level and escalation team.

For every project a strong connection with the products, customers identity, history and brand values is recreated to offer the users a consistent and unique brand experience.

Phone, Chat, email


Sales Assistant


Cash Collecting, Billing & Invoicing

To add value to each stage of the Customer experience we perform cash collecting globally offering more than 150 methods of collection and the most advanced anti-fraud systems. This allows the customization of the customer’s buying experience for each local market resulting in a conversion rate improvement.

We take care of every fiscal aspect for national and international sales differentiated by country and currency, following local tax requirements. The entire activity is accompanied by a real-time reporting activity for all reference areas.

Multichannel Payment

Full Risk Management

Conversion Increase


Order Management

Having too many orders to handle, you may face impressive investments, complex IT systems integration together with profound efforts and consistent team assistance.

Eurostep assists you in activating Omnicanale orders management, with integrated BI and Customer Single View through Eurostep EMMA. Use a stable and scalable management platform without high costs and long implementation deadlines.

Our dedicated management team will easily and professionally manage complex third-party integrations. Eurostep has a vast experience in working with a wide range of clients from various fields, enabling simplified implementations within our robust software. We are able to take complete control and customize your order management process specifically for your company.

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We guarantee the storage and distribution of your products in Europe, Asia and the United States, offering the best deals for the order processing and return management according to the needs defined by the market in our 4 centers in Italy, USA, Hong Kong and Japan.

The delivery process to the end customer is tracked thanks to the integration of our order management systems for both standard and express shipping (next day or overnight).

We offer value-added services that will allow your brand to stand out and create a unique engagement experience for the users, through product customization, gift message, customized packaging.





Returns Management

Picking & Packing

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