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Digital agencies revolution

For some years already, large consulting companies such as Deloitte and Accenture have transformed themselves so that they could offer their clients digital services: Deloitte, with the slogan “we’re driving the future of digital”, has acquired a dozen creative agencies, while Accenture Digital since 2016 has been nominated the largest network of fast-growing digital agencies.

Accenture, Deloitte, IBM, KPMG, McKinsey and Price Waterhouse & Coopers are among the most aggressive game players. In other words, traditional consulting companies are changing, offering services typical of digital agencies, and thus expanding the offer. This is due to the fact consultancy and marketing are more and more shaped by data and technology and customers are more and more looking for partners with high-level multidisciplinary expertise.

It’s competence contamination time for communication

The most active communication and digital agencies continue to innovate, offering customized and scalable products and services, in accordance with a company strategy. The two business models, consulting firms and creative agencies, are successfully merging together.

Whether it’s about launching a new strategy, product or service, companies are aiming to fullfil the clients’ expectations. The goal, for both digital agencies and consulting firms, is creating digital era brands, uniting data and technological skills with creative experience.

Even advertising and public relations companies such as French multinational Publics Group and the creators of brand experiences WPP for some time already have been developing and reinforcing their consultancy sectors. And this is due to the fact the model of a web agency we have seen over recent years is no longer competitive. The example of WPP is emblematic: after a double-digit growth in 2017 a growth rate of 2% (Source: The Wall Street Journal) is certainly not in line with the desired development.

Digital agencies learn from consultancy

Communication agencies that do not have an in-house consultancy team will soon have to gear up to keep up with consulting firms. Creativity will continue to be essential for digital projects, ecommerce and online sales success, but it will only be part of the customized solution required by companies. The approach to successful consulting for digital agencies is technology-based and involves highly skilled internal resources and data analytics and usage. That is, thanks to strong analytical skills to transform data in decisions, create great experience for clients and strengthen the brand offers. This skill set has historically been owned by agencies offering disciplines such as UX, design, creativity, customer-centric data analytics and customer engagement.
Projects with standard services no longer bring profit and it is crystal clear to offer excellent customization creative agencies should invest in technology and talent.

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