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Chatbots for more effective customer engagement

The role of marketing implies communication with customers during the best moment of their decision-making, guiding the purchase process to a greater satisfaction of the customer’s needs.
In traditional marketing, communication has been linear for years: the consumer has been always guided along his decision path. Nowadays, however, an effective communication implies a circular path where a customer is a starting and a central point.

Customer engagement manifests itself in the behaviour of the customer who performs an action towards a company or a brand and goes beyond a simple product purchase. Customer engagement includes various actions: spreading a word-of-mouth, making suggestions, helping other customers, writing a review or taking part in brand communities. It differs from the “like”, “comment” and “share” on a message view.

Customer engagement is not just a final goal that can be achieved, but a process that evolves over time.

Figure: The cycle of customer engagement (Sashi, 2012)

To improve the customers experience, and therefore his engagement, such marketing tool as Chabot is used.  Chatbot is a means of communication, with a purpose or without, as in the example of an interaction for just having fun.

What is a chatbot?

A Chabot is software that allows a conversation with the user through a chat interface. Chatbots are present in social networks like Facebook, Telegram or ecommerce platforms like Amazon, as well as on a brand’s website.

Even if writing to a Chabot is not similar to having a conversation with a human, Chatbot is able to respond and communicate with a customer. With the progress of artificial intelligence and natural language processing, machines can in fact understand the questions and respond to them exactly as we, humans, do: the Chabots use natural language processing and respond accordingly to the visitor.

What are the advantages of using a chabot for customer engagement?

The Chabot allows you to have 24/24 assistance and therefore offers a visitor the possibility to receive answers to simple questions at any time, avoiding the waiting time of e-mail exchange or annoying call-back calls.

The possibilities of user involvement are endless, because the chatbots can be implemented with thousands of questions and replies, following human reasoning. To convey company values the Chabots can be customized with the features requested by the brand, offering greater possibilities of customer involvement and attracting more attention. The most sophisticated Chabots are programmed to show compassion, good-will and empathy.

At the same time, it is also true, that to be effective, Chabots do not have to perfectly imitate human response modalities: their aim is to satisfy the needs of a user, responding promptly and precisely to what has been asked.
It is thanks to these characteristics that Chabots are increasingly present in marketing strategies, enriching the customers’ journey and increasing their satisfaction, especially of those who highly appreciate personalization in their purchase.

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